Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Made Fish & Chips In Honor of Greta's Pen Pal!

Good morning! Greta has a new pen pal from England! She mentioned that her favorite food is Fish & Chips. So we made some! They were fun to make and delicious!! Here are some photos of our fun Fish & Chips Evening!

We started with Tyler Florence's recipe.

Hans and Greta went to buy cod filets, and they finally found some at Krogers.
Thank goodness for Kroger's--they also had the Malt Vinegar and the Rice Flour.

So, we had all the ingredients, now to start cooking!
Even though Tyler didn't say to, we soaked our potatoes in water for about an hour. I've had good luck with that in the past. These chips are very similar to what I make to serve with Barbecued Brisket. And also very similar to the French Fries the folks serve at my favorite hamburger place in the entire world, Denton County Independent Hamburger Company.

So we fried our chips for about 2 minutes.

Meanwhile, My assistant and I mixed up the batter for the fish. My other one was doing R&D on the laptop--she has more interest in eating than in preparing food, at this point. :-)

And Greta cut up the cod in small pieces so they would fit in our FryDaddy.

Then we battered the fish,

and dredged it in the rice flour.

Then we fried the fish.

Then we fried the chips once more--twice in the fryer really makes them delicious!

I mixed up the Tartar Sauce. I made it a bit differently from Tyler's recipe. Although I could find Capers at Kroger's, I didn't even know what at "Cornichon" was, as in Tyler's recipe. So I decided to just go with the way Texans make Tartar Sauce, mayo, sweet pickle relish and lemon juice. So come to find out, guess what a Cornichon is? A sweet pickle! Ha! So my Tartar Sauce wasn't so different, after all. Whew!
So, we were done!

Here's our table. . .

And a couple of eaters (hubby was there too, not sure why I didn't get a picture of him!) The only thing we left out was the newspaper placemats! I thought of that, after we had everything on the table!

Everybody loved it--it was delicious! What a fun day making Fish & Chips! Many, many thanks to Greta's Pen Pal!!

Have a great Sunday, everyone! Lisa :-)


Catherine (Greta's Pen Pal) said...

It is Catherine here! (Greta's English pen pal). Hope you all loved the fish and chips!
Thanks for making them in honor of me :-D
From Catherine :-)

Operation Write Home said...

Hi Lisa! This looks yummy - even if I'm late coming to see your blog! :)

I wanted to be sure you knew about our March 20 bloghop - should be lots of fun....hope you and Greta can come play!